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Diesel Engine Corrosion Inhibitor

DIESEL ENGINE CORROSION INHIBITOR is a multifunctional blend of nitrite based corrosion inhibitors for engine system. It prevents corrosion or rusting of metal by forming a passive coating of protective film on the metal surface. The product which we cater under Diesel Engine Corrosion Inhibitor are Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor and Nalco 2001 equivalents

DIESEL ENGINE CORROSION INHIBITOR contains a combination of ferrous and non-ferrous corrosion inhibitor, non-carbonate buffer, scale inhibitor, dispersant and leak detection dye. These formulations acknowledged for providing additional benefits such as saves power and heat transfer efficiency, extends system metal life, almost compatible with all coolant dye, inhibits scales formation and many others.

Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor

CHEMTEX'S Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor is a specially formulated (nitrite free) chemical additive for Mono Ethylene Glycol to protect system metals from corrosion. It is a multi-metal corrosion inhibitor and prevents corrosion in multi-ways.

CHEMTEX'S Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor modifies metal surface by absorption and making it less susceptible to corrosion. It buffers the organic acids formed as a result of glycol oxidation and prevents further formation of acids. CHEMTEX'S COOLANT CORROSION INHIBITOR protects the metal surface from corrosion without reducing the system\92s heat transfer efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits

Application and Dosage
CHEMTEX'S Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor is dosed at a given rate of the weight of Ethylene Glycol and water mixture.

Handling measures and precautions
Proper human safety products such as Splash goggles, lab coat, vapor respirator, gloves and boots should be worn while handling and applying chemicals. Splashes on skin should be washed off with water immediately. In case of splashing into the eyes, flush it with fresh water and obtain medical attention. Should not be injected. Please refer MSDS for more details.

This product should be stored in original containers in cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, flame and direct sunlight. Please refer Technical Data Sheet, Label and MSDS for more details and shelf life.

CHEMTEX'S Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor is available in various pack sizes.

Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor, Engine Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor, Coolant Inhibitor

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