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Acid Corrosion Inhibitor (RODINE)

Acid Inhibitor, manufactured by Chemtex Speciality Ltd, is specially designed to help in the prevention of the environmental acid attack on metal components without hampering the acidic effect or in some occasions even enhancing the acid effect in the given process or application.

The type and concentration of the Acid Inhibitor needed is determined by the type of metal to be protected and the conditions under which the metal is to be treated.

Find below our range of Acid Corrosion Inhibitor. In case you still don't find what you are looking for OR want to have more details, then please feel free to enquire us.

Hcl Acid Inhibitor Sulfuric Acid Inhibitor
Sulfamic Acid Inhibitor Citric Acid Inhibitor
Phosphoric Acid Inhibitor Acid Inhibitor

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